Ferranti -  IDC report: Priorities of Utility CIOS

Industry analysts from IDC wrote an interesting report, based on the results from a 2012 survey of Western European utilities CIOs.
Conclusions of the report, the four leading business initiatives for Western European utilities for 2013 are:
  • customer care enhancement
  • regulatory compliance
  • reducing operational cost
  • product or services innovation.
Moreover, the top-three organizational objectives are:
  • speed and cost of regulatory compliance adaption
  • lowering cost of IT
  • guaranteeing secure and integrated access to data and applications.
These results nicely align with the value proposition that MECOMS™ is built around for many years;an integrated CIS/MDM system providing:
  • flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • best-practice processes to increase customer satisfaction while reducing cost to serve
  • a proven ability to implement complex projects.
This is no coincidence. Ferranti believes that as utility markets around the world become more turbulent and competitive, the priorities of utility CIOs and business leaders are bound to gravitate towards our MECOMS™ offering.
Due to the future-proof underlying Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, Ferranti‘s long experience with diverse market models and an excellent partner network, MECOMS™ is uniquely positioned as the CIS/MDM product of the future.
Ferranti strongly believes in the direction its product is headed, and is pleased to see the market agreeing with this.

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