SEAS-NVE - No extra electricity bill

Do you have one of the new smart meters from SEAS-NVE at home, you need not to fear for further bills in connection with the replacement of your old electric meter.

18 September in Danish radio news you might get the opposite impression. In that newsitem  it appeared that the Danish electricity consumers are at risk of an increase of up to 1.800 Danish Crowns to replace their old meter with a new and more modern intelligent electricity meter.

Over a three year period, between 2009-2012, SEAS-NVE has replaced all electricity meters from our 375.000 members. We replaced them all for Smart Meters from the American company Echelon.

The replacement of the old electricity meters is financed by the electricity bill, and SEAS-NVE's members can be completely confident that SEAS-NVE will not raise tariffs in connection with the replacement.

Unlike the old meters the new remotely read Echelon meters meet both the requirements of a future meter reading specifications and the requirements for the management of future electricity supply. The new meters are future-proof, and you can follow its electricity consumption hour by hour on the website "".

Experience shows that if you regularly  monitor your electricity consumption your awareness to save energy will increase. Therefore, people are more motivated to reduce its electricity consumption, and the experience also shows that only the increased awareness of one's energy generating savings of between two and five percent.
There is thus both economic and environmental benefits of the substitution of the new meters.

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