GÖRLITZ - Quick and precise - compensation procedure with IDSpecto.EMS-E from GÖRLITZ

With the module IDSpecto.EMS-E of SmartMDM IDSpecto, the Koblenz based GÖRLITZ AG completes its system which will calculate - at the push of a button - the energy deficit of EEG installations. The partial automation of tasks leads to an increased process efficiency when proceeding compensation in the context of feed-in management - an aspect that will reduce costs and save lots of time particularly in light of the rollout scenarios plus which has been proposed in the cost-benefit-analysis for application of intelligent metering systems.

As soon as power of EEG installations are reduced due to a grid based bottleneck, the system operator is entitled to invoice lost revenues to the grid operator. IDSpecto.EMS-E, as a part of the Smart Meter Data Management (SmartMDM) system IDSpecto, supports the grid operator for the plausibility check of compensation claims. This permits a faster processing which is more precise and consequently more efficient. 

This factor will play a growing role with respect to the current market development and an increasing number of EEG installations. At the latest, when implementing the "rollout scenario plus" as recommended in the cost-benefit analysis. The document commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), describes a scenario intending among others further compulsory installations for intelligent metering systems to be included in sec. 21c EnWG. Thus, all installations exceeding 0,25 kW are to be equipped accordingly and included in a feed-in management.  If the amendment of the regulatory framework conditions is decided, lots of existent installations will be equipped with new technology.

This indeed will be favourable for a differentiated balancing of electricity generation and consumption, and is a useful function but increases the number of system operators which are eligible for compensation at the same time.  Significant growth of compensation claims as well as higher efforts in terms of invoice plausibility are the consequences for grid operators. Adjustments of processes are advisable to keep time and workforce in a reasonable framework. A system-supported compensation procedure such as IDSpecto.EMS-E uses intelligent metering systems to automate parts of the processes, thus increasing efficiency of the proceeding.

IDSpecto.EMS-E automatically calculates the deficit which is based on existent data, considering the rules of the Directive of the Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) for EEG feed-in management. Results of plausibility processes and related parameters and values are historically saved in the database and may be requested and displayed at any time. Archiving is audit-proof and  fulfils the mercantile and tax requirements. Due to the system support,  the manual part per invoice is reduced, procedure period is shorter, administration effort and also trouble risk decrease. Especially in case of mass processing, these advantages have a significant impact.

The IDSpecto.EMS-E can be integrated in an existing infrastructure without any difficulties due to its flexibility. To extend functionality, IDSpecto.EMS-E may be embedded in a comprehensive energy management solution based on IDSpecto SmartMDM. For feed-in management purposes, IDSpecto.scadalink can be used to communicate with the control system and act as a remote terminal unit. Applying this End-to-End Solution ensures accelerated procedures, because the implementation of intelligent metering systems will include not only control communication but also switching operations.

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