OSGP Alliance - OSGP seminar in Warsaw on 24 September.
At this seminar ESNA presented its transfer towards OSGP Alliance and of cause the added value benefits for utilities in using the OSGP protocol in their AMI and Smart Grid networks.
To support this transfer and to prove with real facts and figures two utilities (NRGi and Vattenfall) shared with the audience, representatives of the various Polish utilities and DSO's, their practical experiences with successful OSGP meter deployments and how they are deriving great additional value from these OSGP systems far beyond smart metering.
Next to these presentations their partners explained went more deeply in their contribution in the success of these practical realisations and shared with the audience the lessons they have learned.
Energinet.dk, the Danish regulator, presented their DataHub for secured exchange of meter values between the DSO's and the retailers. This DataHub concept is one of the favorite models to be implemented also in Poland.
The attendees also heard a variety of experts within the OSGP ecosystem, prime contractors, system integrators, logistics, software and hardware suppliers for grid modernization projects in Poland.
There was also a live demonstration showing multi-vendor interoperability,six OSGP meters and two other OSGP grid devices from seven different manufacturers, as well as an OSGP extensibility demonstration showing multi-meter and HAN/IHD capabilities within the OSGP ecosystem.
As conclusion of this seminar the participants understood that OSGP is a European standard that is widely deployed in Europe and elsewhere, more than 4 million OSGP meters and devices installed so far, supported by an open, cooperative, diverse, competitive and strong alliance.
For the moment the presentations, mainly in Polish language, are available for all participant but if you are interested please participate at our International OSGP workshop at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam on October the 14th. See other articles in this newsletter.
Kind Regards,
Harry Crijns
OSGP Alliance
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