GÖRLITZ lifts energy data visualisation to next level

GÖRLITZ AG extends its energy data visualisation IDSpecto.enVIEW by a new trend-setting function. The energy consumption of a household will be displayed not only in sum but also split to individual consumers. Due to this innovative solution, the end consumer immediately views the current power consumption of single devices. A modification of wiring is not necessary.

IDSpecto.enVIEW, as a part of the SmartMDM system IDSpecto, visualises energy data at the end customer such as multi-utility consumption or electricity feeding from PV systems. The actual prototype impressively shows how consumption data are processed to gain maximum benefit for the end consumer in the daily routine. The new functionality, which is unique on the market, enables to display the energy demand broken down to the single consumer. For this purpose, actual consumption values are permanently collected, classified to devices and visualised on a mobile device via the IDSpecto.enVIEW app in real time.
The structured display provides a detailed and clearer visualisation for customers consumption data compared to the mere load profile on totals.
Because the IDSpecto.enVIEW allocates consumptions to specific appliances or functions e.g. fridge, cooker, washing machine or light and distinguishes them by different colours. Due to a clearly structured information, the end customer quickly knows the real energy consumption of individual appliances and may verify the consumption. Based on detailed values, he may decide which appliances would require to be replaced with respect to an energy reduction and check the impact of substituting LED light sources for conventional light bulbs.

Exploiting full potential of the IDSpecto.enVIEW will be possible when combining the app with relevant tariffs. Consumption is not only demonstrated but can also be influenced. A conceivable option, for example, would be tariffs with power limitation. In this case, IDSpecto.enVIEW supports the end customer to not exceed the contractual limits. A short view on the consumption display permits a quick and easy decision if the dish washer additionally used to the washing machine will be below consumption limit or a sequential operation will be required. In the context of a power limitation, triggering a breaker could be realised when exceeding the limit.
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