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Smart Grids - Automatic Metering Infrastructure

With the increasing global demand in energy, the aging electrical infrastructure, and the need to integrate renewable energy sources, a new approach is essential to ensure that the power industry and national grids are equipped to handle these new demands, as well as drive utilities forward to the next level.

Smart grids are the new approach to optimize the already existing infrastructure while achieving interconnectedness, interoperability, higher operational efficiencies, reduction in energy consumption, and increase in reliability. Simply, smart grids enable optimal efficacy in the management of power to allow for the most efficient and economical use for utilities, as well as consumers. Smart grids utilize and build on most of the existing power solutions with the incorporation of communication and control technologies. It also allows for the integration of new capabilities and advanced applications.

Transforming the current power platform from a manual network centric business to an automated centric business requires an open architecture to infuse the process and system with added monitoring, analysis, control, and communication capabilities to attain higher efficiencies. Backed by our in-depth know-how, expertise, and superior integration capabilities, Giza Systems is positioned to assist the power industry in making the transformation to smart grids for the attainment of efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

Our years of experience in the utilities and telecom sectors allow us to leverage our proficiencies to guide the industry through the different levels in order to achieve a smooth transition towards a truly smart grid Giza Systems identifies smart metering, or advanced metering infrastructure, as the enabler and driver for the Smart Grid resulting in the advancement of a technology today that is both future-proof and competitive in price.

Smart Metering
The role of meters in the smart grid is much more than just a register for energy consumption. It is the sensing device at the edge of the grid that is able to convey a comprehensive picture of what is happening on this crucial part of the grid, as well as contribute to every aspect of a utility?s operation. This is the reason that it is called smart metering or advanced metering in- frastructure. Partnering with smart metering market leaders has provided Giza Systems with a competitive advantage in the smart technology. We offer our customers our know-how and a proven smart metering technology that is incorporated today in more than 30 million operational electricity meters all over the world.
The system employed utilizes an open, bidirectional and extensible infrastructure to enable a comprehensive range of utility applications. Unlike traditional AMR systems that provide lim- ited functionality over proprietary, often one-way networks, the adopted system benefits every aspect of a utility?s operation, from metering and customer services to distribution operations and value-added business. The system is characterized as a substation/transformer centric AMI solution. This means that part of the intelligence driven by data flow from connected devices can be distributed to every low voltage distribution transformer. This allows the grid to intelligently and proactively react to system conditions before they take effect, such as transformer overload conditions, voltage problems, and faults that adversely affect the network. Deploying any other AMI solution on a per-meter basis and perspective prevents a cost effective integration of AMI and smart grid applications including demand response, distributed generation, EHV services, volt/VAR control and many other applications.
As the leading systems integrator in Egypt and the Middle East, Giza Systems understands the requisite planning and deployment systems needed for the transformation towards smart grid technologies. This significant investment in power grids promise to translate into higher opera- tional efficiencies and cost-cutting measures, increased reliability and customer choice, as well as sustainability of our resources. 

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