Kapsch Smart Energy Management 
Innovative, turnkey, open, manufacturer-independent.
Kapsch Smart Energy Management is a turnkey innovation. It efficiently "connects" the data meters at the end consumer’s location to the "future of energy supply" – with full integration of renewable energy as a key aspect of our energy future.
What makes Kapsch Smart Energy Management so smart?
The Kapsch Smart Energy Management System for metering and building automation is an open and manufacturer-independent solution that unites all groups involved: from end consumers, building owners and facility managers to the energy network operators, energy distributors and energy producers. The Kapsch Smart Energy Management System stores measurement data over a long period and records various events, such as power outages. Intelligent alarm management provides an operational management interface to ensure smooth operation. Additional building blocks offered include inventory management, workflow management and a comprehensive reporting tool.
Intelligent communication and process optimization through interaction.
The interaction module ensures intelligent communication with end consumers, for example via SMS. Seamless monitoring of the data network between every single meter and the control center is also possible. In addition, all configuration work can be performed from the control center, data can be managed and accessed and rate changes can also be implemented. In addition to the multi-rate function of the electricity meter, the system also supports the option of completely integrating sub-meters for other forms of energy. All meter data is stored by the system in a Microsoft SQL database – which can be integrated into a billing system.
A concept approved by all (even the EU).
As a subsidiary of the Kapsch Group, Kapsch Smart Energy has a high level of competence in system integration. The advantage: Smart solutions from Kapsch Smart Energy can easily be integrated into operating processes and connected to downstream systems. Another interface connects to the end consumer portal. If desired, Kapsch will create an online portal using the corporate design of the respective energy supplier. End consumers can use this portal to view their consumption data and any changes during past weeks and months in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion. Impressively smart!
Smart advantages at a glance:
  • Fulfillment of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive
  • System for comprehensive use
  • Open solution that is independent of meter manufacturers
  • Data collection and bidirectional transmission practically in real time
  • Supports dynamic rate models for the end consumers
  • Higher customer loyalty thanks to consumption visualization and new services
  • Minimizing of errors in billing and simplified load planning
  • Ready for future requirements

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