GÖRLITZ - All data immediately visible - efficient market communication with IDSpecto

Koblenz, 11.11.2013 - Efficient procedures are required to reliably manage drastically increasing data volumes, which will inevitably occur in the consequence of a smart meter rollout. This is where the Smart Meter Data Management IDSpecto offers two-fold support. It automates the market communication and maps it easily traceable for users. The integration of EDM and market communication in one system makes this possible.

Installing millions of additional smart meters will dramatically increase the data volume in the coming years. To enable communication of market data on a reasonable efforts basis in the future, the automation of market processes is unavoidable. But a high degree of automation is not sufficient. However, what is just as important is an efficient manual editing of errors during processing.

With the SmarMDM IDSpecto, the Koblenz based GÖRLITZ AG provides a system which exactly meets these requirements. Data communication among the individual market participants is automated on workflow basis, which significantly enhances the efficiency of the processes. Manual interventions are only necessary when errors or uncertainties in proceeding occur. In this case, communication procedure between market partners can easily be visualised. The necessary linkage of master and transaction data with related market messages will be realised by the integration approach of IDSpecto combining EDM and market communication in one system.

Due to the integration, the considerable effort of manual search over several systems is not applicable. The user quickly recognises which information has been communicated to a specific market partner at a specific time. This for instance, rapidly leads a bilateral clarification to a result.

The simplified system maintenance is a further benefit of the integrated system. Thus, modifications such as interface adjustment will not require the coordination of various manufacturers. The error rate in the interplay of individual components is reduced because the complete process chain can be verified during a test run.
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