EnergiMidt - German wind power from Energimidt to 11.000 Danish households

A recently completed wind farm in Rossau, Northern Germany, is the latest addition to EnergiMidt growing portfolio of photovoltaic and wind parks and one more step towards the eventual self-sufficiency of current through own production from renewable sources.

Focus on sustainability in Energimidt
In the German state Saxony-Anhalt, 140 km southeast of Hamburg, is the small town Rossau situated. On October the 31st Energimidt started the operation of this wind farm with five Vestas V112 3.0 MW wind turbines that can produce 45 million kWh per year, equivalent to 11.000 households. The turbines in Rossau is EnergiMidt's third wind farm. The last two years it invested in two parks near Hobro. In addition, Energimidt owns and operates solar power plants in Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.

"Wind turbines in Rossau are important milestones for EnergyMidt's efforts to invest in energy parks with objective to self-production of electricity", says Mikkel Abildtrup as business manager at Energimidt .

"As energy company, we have a strong focus on increasing the use of renewable energy and the increasing demand for the production of CO2-free power. With the new park in operation, we now have a production capacity of over 52 MW of renewable energy to generate, this is a power equivalent to the annual consumption of 20% of our retail customers. In the long term, we aspire to be completely self-sufficient with "green-power". Although there is still a long way to go but currently we areahead of schedule".

Logical, profitable projects
Energimidt bought the German wind turbines from the Danish manufacturer Euro Wind Energy A/S, who was also responsible for the construction of the park. 
Funding has been made in cooperation with Ringkjøbing Landbobank. The wind activities in Germany should not be seen as a sign that the middle of Jutland has become to small for EnergiMidt. According to Mikkel Abildtrup it is more about allocating the right projects and then to negotiate the best possible conditions.

"In Germany, we have been able to get a good, solid tariff. That means security in the return on investment and a reasonable pay-back. It does not mean that we exclude future investments in wind in Denmark - on the contrary - we would love to invest more in sustainable energy solutions in Denmark, if the right business conditions exist".

For Energimidt it is also about taking advantage of the opportunities from both climate and local competition .

"It is windy in Northern Europe and there is plenty of sunshine in the Mediterranean. Therefore, the location of our wind and solar farms make sense and when we simultaneously, through local tariff agreements, are able to get a resonable pay-back, all good indications for our future growth", concludes Mikkel Abildtrup .
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