ACER/CEER Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2012
Conclusions of the report
This report illustrates market developments in 2012 in the EU-27’s electricity and gas sectors in view of the goal of completing the internal energy market (IEM) by 2014.
The report identifies those areas where additional measures (and monitoring) are needed in order to ensure that EU electricity and gas consumers benefit from fully integrated markets. Particular areas for further action include, similarly to last year: Transportation Consumer rights Market rules and practical implementation Full transposition and implementation by all MSs of the 3rd Package is essen- tial.
The European Commission should continue to monitor this closely. Regulators must continue to promote the implementation of consumer provisions in the 3rd Package, benefiting from CEER’s recommendations and advice, along with the Agency’s continuous monitoring activities.
CEER’s 2020 vision for Europe’s energy consumers will also promote dialogue and engage- ment with market players and policy makers to build an energy sector where the European consumer truly comes first. The EU-wide Network Codes envisaged in the 3rd Package and their early implementation are important to foster the market integration process.
This report points to significant social welfare losses – in the order of several billion euros per year in both the electricity and gas sectors, as a result of imperfect integration and market fragmentation throughout the EU. The Agency will continue to work with the ENTSOs, the European Commission, NRAs and with market players to deliver a full set of binding market and network rules applicable across the EU, including rules for trading, and to speed up their early implementation.
Wholesale energy markets will be monitored to detect manipulation and abusive practices, which should be sanctioned. Some measures require concerted action by all actors for the benefit of European consumers.
The Agency and CEER will continue to support and promote the development of competitive, sustainable and secure electricity and gas sectors in the public interest. Both the Agency and CEER remain committed to open dialogue with all parties and to working with European institutions and MSs in order to deliver and apply the rules necessary to achieve Europe’s energy goals efficiently.
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