EURELECTRIC publishes facts and figures on power distribution in Europe

How many electricity distribution companies are there in Europe? How many customers do they serve? For the first time, a EURELECTRIC report provides answers to these and many other questions surrounding power distribution in Europe. The paper was presented at a conference of EURELECTRIC distribution system operators (DSOs) in Brussels today.

"I am proud to present this latest EURELECTRIC report, which brings together quantitative data from EURELECTRIC's DSO members to provide a picture of the power distribution industry in Europe. Distribution system operators are the backbone of Europe's energy system: they represent the 'final mile' in the delivery of electricity to customers. Shedding light on their business and the challenges they face is vital if policymakers are to understand the role of DSOs in tomorrow's more decentralised and low-carbon electricity system - and ensure appropriate regulation,"  said Peter Birkner, Chairman of EURELECTRIC's DSO Committee.

'Power Distribution in Europe - Facts and Figures' presents maps and figures in four key areas:
  • Main characteristics of the distribution business in Europe (number and size of DSOs, ownership structure, etc.),
  • Developments towards smart distribution systems (number of e-mobility charging points, role of smart meters),
  • Information on quality of supply, and
  • Characteristics of the distribution network (length of lines per voltage level, line density, etc.).
It stresses that power distribution in Europe is diverse, but remarkably reliable. However, DSOs are facing an increasing challenge of integrating rising shares of decentralised and variable generation and new loads such as electric vehicles into their networks. Considerable investments in distribution networks, including smart grids and smart meters, will be needed to maintain the very high quality of service and allow DSOs to play a role as neutral facilitators of tomorrow's smart energy system.

Today's conference will look into current distribution issues in greater detail, with a particular focus on DSO investments, market models for smart grids, and distribution innovation.
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