Alliander Mobility Services will realise Arnhem’s electrical charging network
The city of Arnhem provides Alliander Mobility Services the exclusive right for the realisation, operation, management and maintenance of a public network of charging stations for a period of eight years.
The city of Arnhem and Alliander Mobility Services will collaborate to provide a comprehensive public charging infrastructure for electrical cars driver in Arnhem. The city of Arnhem makes this first step by granting the concession for a network of public charging stations in Arnhem. By including a, as low as possible load price offer, the parties wish to make electrical driving more attractive. In Arnhem, the demand for electric load increases substantially, there are now more than thirty demands for charging stations . Alliander Mobility Services wants to have the first new charging stations in place by December 2013.
Applications for electrical charging stations
In the coming months more than these thirty charging stations will be applied in Arnhem. Via a special website,, other citizens who buy an electrical car can apply for a charging station near his home. The concession runs for a total period of nine years. Alliander Mobility Services will supply, operate, manage and maintain all charging stations.
Arnhem city electricity
Arnhem makes serious work to realise its sustainability ambition. Now there are 25 public charging stations. “With the advent of a much wider network of charging stations for electric vehicles, we will see on our the streets that Arnhem may call itself a city electricity”, says Margreet van Gastel, alderman Spatial Planning for the city of Arnhem.
"We are pleased with this new cooperation with the city of Arnhem, in a region where the company has its roots. This tender makes it possible for Arnhem’s residents who do not yet have their own charging point to make the move to electric driving. In addition, we made the request for a public charging point for electric vehicles in Arnhem very simple, "said Anja Niersen , director Alliander Mobility Services.
Electric driving becomes more popular
The city of Arnhem wants charging stations at places where people need them. This is one of the requirements for the concessionaire. The success of electric vehicles is strongly related with the possibility to be able to recharge. Because Not all citizens residents businesses in Arnhem have parking place on their own property, for this reason the city is cooperating with Alliander Mobility Services to make public charging better accessible.
Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular with the result; a growing demand for charging stations. Alliander Mobility Services provides provinces, cities and other customer’s cost-effective charging solutions. For electric drivers, this means that they can charge, regardless of supplier, service provider or charging technology. Anywhere and carefree.
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