Develco Products and SEAS-NVE has initiated a strategic alliance for the rollout of future energy solution.
Develco Products and SEAS-NVE has initiated a strategic alliance for the rollout of future energy solution which will help to improve access to data on energy consumption through reuse of existing infrastructure.
SEAS-NVE has installed electricity meters from the manufacturer Echelon at the electricity company’s customers. Develco Products has developed a communication card to the meter capable of communicating with both water and heat meters and send data to other systems. This enables SEAS-NVE to reuse the infrastructure they´ve already invested in, to obtain data from other supply types.
New global product
The communication card is a brand new product worldwide. It integrates the two wireless standards ZigBee and Wireless M-Bus. Wireless M-Bus is used to collect data from water and heat meters, while ZigBee is used to send the data into a Home Automation system. This data can form the basis for visualization of energy use and for advice on energy savings.
Today, most consumers have access to their energy consumption online, but it is day old data in hourly resolution. With the new solution SEAS-NVE’s customers can see their consumption in real time and thus discover how much it costs to light a lamp or any other electrical appliance.
"We here at Develco Products expect that the SEAS-NVE solution will be widely used nationally and internationally. There is 900.000 meters of the same type installed in Denmark and there is no costs associated with the installation of the communication module. The solution is easily available and affordability makes it scalable" says Poul Eriksen, CTO in Develco Products.
The small module is designed as a drawer which easily can be pushed into the meter by the consumer. The installation does not need to be done by an electrician or specialist.
Supports the Government´s climate targets
The solution with the integration of the wireless standards makes functionality available that will support future flexible electricity consumption. It thus enables the integration of consumption of heat pumps and electric vehicles in the power system when it is most appropriate. SEAS-NVE's initiative is therefore an important element in meeting the Danish Government's climate change targets for 2020 and 2050, where the entire energy system needs to be converted into renewable energy.
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