Fortum - Real-time measuring of electricity consumption was adopted in Sweden in 2009. The same obligation will take effect in Finland by the beginning of 2014.

Among other things, smart meters enable the development of new kinds of smart services that facilitate everyday life for consumers. These kinds of products include Fortum Fiksu, sold in Finland, and Fortum Energy Display, offered in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and Fortum Hemkontroll, offered in Sweden.

Fortum Energy Display is an in-home display terminal for real-time monitoring of the home's total consumption of electricity. Increased awareness of household electricity consumption enables consumers to use their electric devices more efficiently and that results in lower electricity bills. The device can also be programmed with daily consumption targets and limits. Fortum Hemkontroll was introduced in Sweden at the beginning of 2013. Like the Energy Display, it can be used to monitor household electricity consumption – but it can also be used to control electric devices and heating at home with a computer or smart phone.

In 2012, Fortum commercially launched Fortum Fiksu, a product that automatically controls electrically heated water boilers. The product might also be called new-era night-time electricity. This device makes it possible to lower home heating costs because the control system retrieves a weather forecast from the Internet and an electricity price from the electricity exchange for each hour of the day and night. With the information, the most economical hours of the day/night are automatically selected to heat the water in the boiler. Once the equipment is installed, electricity consumption can be monitored with a computer or smart phone.
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