GÖRLITZ - Visualisation of multi-utility energy consumption data for Echelon meters

With the module COMfor.enVIEW.MTR, GÖRLITZ AG offers a solution permitting energy data to be recorded by the Echelon residential meter for second-precise request and visualisation via IDSpecto.enVIEW on mobile end devices or PCs. Due to the simple plug & play installation even existing meters can be retrofitted with this functionality.
 Fig 1: Embedding COMfor.enVIEW.MTR in system
Versatile application scenarios to visualise multi-utility energy data with the IDSpecto.enVIEW attracted wide interest among attendees not only during the E-world 2013 in Essen but also at the ZMP 2013 in Leipzig.IDSpecto.enVIEW is one of the portal solutions of the SmartMDM IDSpecto targeting suppliers that intend to offer energy consumption data on mobile end devices or PCs for their customers.

COMfor.enVIEW.MTR, as a component of the IDSpecto.enVIEW, provides data from Echelon residential meters for other applications. Data are graphically processed in the enVIEW app and visualise multi-utility energy consumption to end/residential customers on a per second basis. This significantly contributes to increased energy transparency within the personal environment. "Electricity guzzlers among domestic appliances for example, may quickly and easily be detected with the IDSpecto.enVIEW. All user-relevant information is clearly structured and covers a period without gaps, which, from the present moment, traces back to several months in the past," explains Olaf Schimpf, manager product marketing at GÖRLITZ. "This is possible because values can be requested and combined from both the meter and the IDSpecto database." In addition to consumption data, owners of solar installations will also be able to read actual feed-in capacity.

The COMfor.enVIEW.MTR is available in a set including the Echelon meter or separately for retrofit via easy plug & play installation. Beside data of the individual meter, the module also provides data for additional devices connected via M-Bus. In conjunction with the selected IDSpecto.enVIEW scenario for visualisation, an ideal solution has been created that seamlessly fits in heterogeneous environments and will be extended in the future.
Fig 2: Visualisation in enVIEW app, Echelon meter, COMfor.enVIEW.MTR

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