City of Amsterdam and Nuon join forces for sustainable city
Ms Carolien Gehrels, Alderman in Amsterdam responsible for Economy, Investments and Enterprises and the CEO of Nuon, the Dutch part of Vattenfal, Mr Huib Lisse, signed a City Partnership on the international Smart City Event in Amsterdam. In the coming years the City of Amsterdam and Nuon will work together to promote energy saving habits amongst the inhabitants of Amsterdam, to enlarge the solar and wind energy capacity and to expand the district heating and cooling network.
The first joint energy-saving campaign will be launched after the summer.
After the summer, the energy saving campaign will start in a residential area in Amsterdam South District. Nuon offers products and services to the residents such as, isolation and energy saving advice. The teaser for the residents is; the more people sign up for isolation, the cheaper it will be for everybody. To stimulate these energy saving measurements, the municipality of Amsterdam will offer a low interest loan to enable people to invest in a lower energy bill.
Examples of cooperation
Examples of the joint approach between the City of Amsterdam and Nuon are:
  • The realisation of a heating and cooling service for the new climate neutral residential area, named Houthaven,
  • Study to create more opportunities for wind energy in and around the city,
  • Expansion of the district heating network as part of the urban policy "Gas out of town"(to reduce carbon emissions),
  • Energy-saving
  • Creating the possibility to install solar panels for those local residents who don't have a roof.
Amsterdam is working towards an energy-efficient city with clean and affordable energy and where the inhabitants of Amsterdam can generate their own energy.
Alderman Mr Maarten van Poelgeest (Climate and Energy): "We take the future into our own hands by creating inspiring, profitable and visible initiatives. Sometimes we want more as innovation can offer for the moment. A clean and vivid city we can't create on our own. Where possible we work together with others, such as Nuon, towards a sustainable city."
Nuon CEO, Mr Huib Lisse: "By working together, we can strengthen each others work. We both want people to consume less energy and generate more sustainable energy as Nuon but also by the inhabitants themselves. Cities are responsible for a great deal of the CO2 emissions, so there is also the objective to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, Vattenfall has gained experience in partnerships with the city of Uppsala in Sweden and the cities Berlin and Hamburg in Germany."
The city of Amsterdam and Nuon have a long-standing relationship. With the sale of Nuon to the Swedish Vattenfall in 2009 the relationship between Nuon and its former shareholder; Amsterdam has changed. Both parties want to continue the good cooperation to fulfil their ambitions in the field of sustainable energy. This in the interest of the city, its inhabitants, and the customers of Nuon .
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