SEAS-NVE - 100 year anniversary theme
Electricity is much cheaper today than it was 100 years ago
We use it all. Some more than others, and it comes to us automatically every day. It's about power, electricity, electricity or electrons travel through wires and ends up in our many smart appliances.
But it is only in recent times that electricity has found its way to us, and yet it has quickly gained a status as vital. Almost in line with clean drinking water.

At the end of 1800-century electricity not as widespread and only for the few. The cost, for example, 80 cents for a kWh in 1892, which corresponds to an unskilled to work for 4 hours to earn a kWh. Therefore, only the wealthiest could afford to be off-grid and pay to get light. Later, prices decreased and then increased again during the war due to lack of fuel. Today, it costs an unskilled with a salary of £ 110 per hour, 1 minute and 20 seconds to finance a kWh. So in this way is relatively el been a much cheaper product, but also more popular product than before.

The energy company SEAS-NVE began 100 years ago, in the north with NVE, and in Central and South Zealand, SEAS. And with only one year apart founded two men with the same surname Andersen production of electricity. Their common goal was to spread electricity to the ordinary citizen. Neither of the two founders knew at the time that the two companies would one day become one, namely SEAS-NVE with 375,000 members and deliver 11.2 million Kwh per day and as well as having a high-tech fiber network.

Today, the focus is not so much to tell shareholders how good a product is electricity, but more how it is produced and how individuals can save on electricity. But the idea of ​​community promises energy company is still alive, and SEAS-NVE is Denmark's largest cooperatively owned energy company.
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