Fortum - Smart metering

​In the Solar Economy the energy systems needs to be smarter and more efficient. In the future energy system, the electricity demand will adjust to the supply the same way energy production is now adjusting to the demand.
For example, the system will be clever enough to guide you, in real time, when to use energy at the lowest cost. Smart metering is an important part of that. By the end of 2013, all Finnish households will have an electricity meter that can be read remotely. Fortum will install our own smart meter for all of our electricity grid customers.
Thanks to the new meter, customers will no longer receive annual balancing bills. Consumers will always be billed according to the actual electricity use. Meter readings will be transferred digitally.
The meter measures the electricity use accurately so that it is possible to monitor the energy consumption more closely than before. Better knowledge shall improve energy efficiency, making it easier to operate and manage network capacity when actual customer electricity consumption is known. In addition, the smart meters will be used for faster power failure resolution and as well as a platform for future services within electricity solutions.
In Sweden the meters were already installed in 2009 and in Norway they will be by the end of January 2017.  

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