GÖRLITZ - ZMP 2013: Keep track, despite huge data volumes - no problem for the SmartMDM from GÖRLITZ

An extensive Smart Meter rollout will create huge data volumes. A reliable processing of these data volumes can only be ensured by a sophisticated process automation. How performant systems from GÖRLITZ AG contribute to this, will be shown on the trade fair „ZMP 2013 Zählen | Messen | Prüfen“ in Leizpig from 16 to 17 April 2013. GÖRLITZ will present its solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grid.

This year's edition will concentrate on the economic potential for utilities and eventual effects of a revised German Metering Access Ordinance (Messzugangsverordnung) and a revised German calibration law. Under the motto "Metering Systems - the key for a new energy world", current changes in the formation of liberalised market roles will be presented by selected experts and discussed with participants.

This year's guest on the booth of the main sponsor GÖRLITZ AG is the cooperation partner COUNT+CARE. All participants of the trade fair are invited to receive information on the actual status of the common project " IDSpecto SmartMDM " and future-oriented solutions about Smart Metering and Smart Grid. Impetus especially to the topic "IT landscape for metering systems 2020" will be given by Ralf Hoffman, CEO of GÖRLITZ AG, on 15 April at 15.30 h.

Visitors will be able to experience how easy it is to keep track of such huge data volumes and processes using the new IDSpecto SmartMDM in daily business. Due to different abstraction levels and user-oriented structuring and grouping, the user is quickly led to the process step, where a manual intervention in largely automated procedures is necessary. IDSpecto has already given evidence of the platform's feature to reliably process mass data at the Danish utility SEAS-NVE daily.

With the support of our partner, COUNT+CARE GmbH, a scenario will demonstrate how IDSpecto can simplify daily business in particular for a measuring point operator. Functions such as data collection and qualification, master data and device management, end-customer portal, market data communication are specifically tailored to market roles and can be used separately due to the mandator separation of individual customers.
 Illustration: All relevant key figures available on the dashboard
The COMfor.adapt.E350 creates real interoperability in the power line network. The adapter enables the transmission of meter data from the Landis+Gyr meter E350 to the NES system from Echelon and provides a multitude of additional functions such as load profile creation, load limitation and M-Bus interface. The range of integrable meters in GÖRLITZ systems is thus expanded and the customer receives maximum freedom of decision for acquisition and operation of individual components.

IDSpecto.enVIEW specifically targets utilities and their end customers. It realises the direct visualisation of multi-utility energy consumption and feed-in, and bridges to Smart Home. With the demand-oriented and targeted control of feed-in performances of decentralised energy generators, the IDSpecto.scadalink is the link between grid control and automated meter reading for grid operators.

Benefit from discussions and informations on current solutions with relevant manufacturers on the trade fair - over 1000 visitors are expected - and get new ideas and approaches for your enterprise. Visit the trade fair and drop in to our booth for exchanging further information. We look forward to seeing you!

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