DECC - Availability of technologies for provisioning Home Area Network (HAN) connectivity to electricity and gas metering equipment, communications hub and in-home devices in cases where a 2.4GHz ZigBee wireless HAN will not work effectively
DECC is in the process of evaluating technologies suitable for incorporating into a smart metering Home Area Network (HAN). Tests performed in 2012 indicated that wireless solutions based on the ZigBee standard will provide good coverage in a significant percentage of UK homes to connect smart metering equipment through a HAN, but a solution based on ZigBee wireless solutions alone will not be effective in all cases. The Smart Meters RF survey report from these tests is available for your information.

As part of the process of analysing potential technologies that may be integrated into HAN solutions, DECC is making this Information Request available to a number of organisations that have been identified as having a possible interest. DECC would like to invite interested parties to respond to the attached Information Request to propose alternative technologies that may be incorporated into a HAN solution. This details the purpose of the request, outlines the problem, and includes a set of questions designed to inform DECC on the potential to develop alternative HAN solutions to complement the wireless approach currently specified through the Smart Metering Implementation Programme.

In parallel with this Information Request, Energy UK are conducting a series of tests in multi-dwelling buildings to characterise the performance of their electricity networks with respect to carrying Power Line Communication (PLC) signals. The buildings have been selected to be representative of a range of properties where wireless communications is unsuitable. The report from these tests will be posted on this website when available, due on 28 March 2013. Note that respondents are not in any way limited to proposing technologies based on PLC.

If you wish to reply to this Information Request, DECC would like to receive your response no later than 15 April 2013. 
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