ENEL - Integris: new infrastructure for smart grids

The pilot projects that have been enacted in Brescia (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Tampere (Finland) within Integris,the European  project coordinated by Enel, to associate electricity and telecommunications technologies, are about to be completed

Smart grids for electricity distribution are one of the main elements of a future efficient and sustainable energy system. Important studies and projects are already centered on them, and relevant achievements have been made, but they have not yet become a functioning and widespread industrial accomplishment. This result will only be achieved when there will be suitable infrastructure and technologies.

Integris (INtelligent Elecrtical GRId Sensor communications) is a European project created to develop the technological solutions necessary to speed up the realization of smart grids, in particular in the field of  telecommunications and ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Enel is the European coordinator of Integris, which was launched in 2010 and has already led to the development of an innovative ICT infrastructure aimed at managing the association between various electricity and telecommunications technologies. In particular, the new Powerline system that has been achieved is used to convey data through electric wires, combined with wireless communications technologies. Thus the main functions of smart grids – including real time monitoring of the electricity grid and customer involvement – will be carried out with greater efficiency and savings.

The three pilot project that form Integris are about to be successfully being completed in Brescia (Italy, Barcelona (Spain) and Tampere (Finland). In particular the project in Barcelona, conducted by Endesa, also includes temperature sensors allowing to study how and to what extent heat can affect over time the performance of wires and batteries.

The Integris project, which is also financially supported by the European Commission, has been conducted jointly with industrial partners (including Schneider Electric, Current Technologies International and TESMEC) as well as academic ones (the Technological University of Tampere and Fundació Universitat i Tecnologia La Salle of Barcelona).
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