SEAS-NVE - Great interest in Smart City Kalundborg
About 50 people showed up Wednesday night to hear more about Smart City Kalundborg project, which was launched last year with a total budget of about 100 million Danish Crowns.
At the public meeting Kalundborg Mayor Martin Damm asked his citizens to get involved in the project, for example as test person, to help the test of new technology in real circumstances. Several of the participants accepted this invitation and signed up.
Smart City Kalundborg project is to demonstrate the future energy system in practice - in a vibrant community where people live and work.
The project will demonstrate how a city can utilise energy efficiently.  Systems that control electricity, water, heating, transport, and buildings  will communicate with each other on an open platform where companies make available their technology and knowledge.
SEAS-NVE's head of development Ms. Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard was one of the speakers at the meeting, and she says:
"We have a pilot project - Win with new electricity habits - that is about to change consumer consumption pattern by offering cheaper or even free electricity at night. In turn, we supply more expensive electricity in the so-called rush hours, between 5 and 8 o'clock in the evening, when the biggest demand is.
At the end of June the Smart City Kalundborg website - - will be launched, where you can read more about the project and sign up if you are interested in participating.
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