GÖRLITZ - DSO uses voucher option for BSI protection profile

GÖRLITZ voucher solutions for the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) protection profile becomes increasingly popular. Alliander AG, energy grid operator in Germany, has decided to benefit from the GÖRLITZ offer. The subsidiary of Alliander NV, largest grid operator in the Netherlands, has acquired vouchers for this year's metering systems rollout.
Though regulatory framework conditions seem to remain unclear until 2016, the company has taken the step towards smart metering, feeling confident with the potential of electronic meters. The declared goal of Alliander AG is to provide detailed information on customers' electricity consumption to help save energy. But the grid operator also intends to use the various functions of the devices to operate the grid more efficiently. However, planning security should not be neglected. Consequently, the company voted for the BSI protection profile voucher assuring investments in future-proof meter technology. This prevents "stranded investments", permits the active control of the individual rollout, and avails of the added values of smart metering.

Regulatory guidelines
The five-component solution enables the electronic remotely readable electricity meters of today to be extended by the BSI protection profile gateway using a preconfigured interface. In addition, it grants the upgrade to a metering system pursuant to section 21 EnWG (German Energy Industry Act) to a defined price at a later time. The individual components are:
  • Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) compatible system from Echelon comprised of an electric meter with power line communication (PLC) technology to transmit meter values, a data concentrator and NES Software.
  • A BSI protection profile voucher from GÖRLITZ AG. The voucher guarantees the customer the rights to a BSI protection profile gateway at a price defined today.
  • The IDSpecto AMM Gateway software from GÖRLITZ which connects the head-end-system from Echelon with the IDSpecto from GÖRLITZ.
  • The BSI protection profile gateway from GÖRLITZ as soon as technology is available. This gateway can be linked to the Echelon meter via a preconfigured interface.
  • A system update from Echelon to upgrade its NES software, with which the requirements of the protection profile are implemented.
Mass data capability of the PLC technology required for comprehensive smart metering solutions has already been proven in numerous projects, for example with various Danish utilities. "We are extremely positive about our experiences", stated Simon Löffler, chief delivery officer at GÖRLITZ AG, "and we can guarantee our customers will be well-prepared for the BSI protection profile technology."

The voucher from GÖRLITZ assures the user his investment in metering infrastructure will still be guaranteed even after integrating BSI protection profiles. The offer will be extended to include the transmission routes GPRS/UMTS and EDL21 meter technology in the course of the year.
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