Eurelectric in cooperation with EU's Joint Research Centre launches online portal on Smart Grids 
A new online platform on smart grids for the first time brings together information on smart grids projects in the EU, providing interested stakeholders with the most comprehensive overview of the European smart grids development to date.

The platform, launched at the European Parliament this week, was developed by EURELECTRIC, based on the European Commission's Joint Research Centre inventory of smart grids projects.

"Today we launch a smart tool for smart projects: an online platform that connects European smart grids projects and project promoters in much the same way that smart grids will connect Europe's electricity consumers. Smart grids will be an important part of Europe's future energy system. With this platform, the European electricity industry is contributing to greater knowledge-sharing and communication - an indispensable part in making sure that smart grids become a reality,"said EURELECTRIC Secretary General Hans ten Berge.

The platform consists of two main parts: an interactive, fully searchable map of smart grid projects, as well as detailed project pages.

The map allows interested stakeholders to gain a quick overview of the smart grid development in Europe or take a closer look at individual countries. They can also search for projects in their region of interest. Individual project pages provide more information on each of the projects listed, including reports, videos and results. Project leaders will be invited to update this information as their project progresses, making the website an up-to-date reflection of smart grid development in Europe.
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