Eurelectric - "Smart Meters - what's that" - European DSO's set out how to communicate Smart Meters to customers
Smart meters are increasingly being rolled out across Europe. In most member states they will be installed by distribution system operators (DSOs), who are responsible for the physical grid infrastructure. For many customers DSOs will therefore be the first point of contact and a major source of information on the smart meters that are being installed in their homes. A new EURELECTRIC paper clarifies what role DSOs will play in communicating the switch to smart meters during this process.

With the deployment of smart meters DSOs must be prepared to address very specific customer questions related to the smart meter installation. They will have to explain what a smart meter is, how it works, why smart meters are needed, and where to go for impartial advice on smart meter functionalities and benefits.

The rollout and related education and communication effort towards customers will encompass three phases: preparation of the rollout, installation of the smart meters, and post-installation support. Activating consumers to make the most of their smart meters will depend on a positive customer experience throughout the entire process. In this regard, providing customers with clear information is key.

This new EURELECTRIC paper contributes to a greater understanding of how such successful communication can be achieved throughout the installation phase, by shedding light on how key consumer questions can be addressed and presenting best communication practices and strategies of DSOs from around Europe.
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