Nuon and Heijmans extend car-charging network to 35 municipalities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

From June 2013 onwards The  Nuon / Heijmans combination will install  two hundred new public charging points for electric vehicles in 2 Dutch provinces; Noord-Holland and Flevoland. It is the first step to reach the objective of thousand charging points in the region. Nuon will also deliver green electrical power to the electric drivers. The customer is the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, a partnership of 35 municipalities in the two provinces.
There is an increasing demand for electric charging stations in the 2 provinces. In the short term many residents and businesses will need a public charging point for electric cars. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) has asked five parties in a tender procedure the supply of 200 public charging points. The expectation is that this number will grow to about 1.000 charging points. Finally the Nuon / Heijmans combination is selected. The first charging points will be installed very soon.
Considerably more electric vehicles
In the Netherlands the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly. Now there are more than 8.000 cars "'with a plug". This year another 15.000 to 20.000 new electrical vehicles will join the road, is the expectation.
Successful cooperation
"With more than 10.000 charging sessions a month, the public charging points network in Amsterdam is an enormous success,  for both electric drivers and car2go users. There are now 350 of our charging points in the city and the usage is increasing every month, "says Huib Lisse, CEO of Nuon. He continues: "Since 2010 Nuon and Heijmans successfully working together in achieving public charging points and providing the associated services. We are very happy that we can do for the entire Amsterdam Metropolitan Region".
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