Oracle - Centrica Slashes Annual Helpdesk Costs with Simplified Sign-On for 45,000 Users
Centrica plc is an integrated energy company operating in seven countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. A top-30, FTSE-100 company, the organization secures and supplies electricity and gas for 30 million consumer and business customers.

Centrica undertook a two-year strategic identity and access management program to improve user experience, strengthen security, and improve management control. As part of this program, Centrica brought its human resources (HR) applications in-house and implemented employee and manager self-service for 45,000 users. Single sign-on was a key to delivering seamless, self-service functionality, and Centrica worked with Oracle partner aurionPro SENA to implement Oracle Identity Federation to enable secure access for employees and partner organizations.

"With Oracle Identity Federation, we have avoided significant costs while improving user experience, security, and management control. We’ve achieved a very successful, enterprisewide implementation, and I do not believe we would have realized the same results for the same investment with another vendor.” – Chris Wilton, Senior Project Manager, Centrica plc
Implement an enterprise-level, single-sign on solution that the company can use initially for self-service access to HR and payroll applications with the ability to roll out to additional applications in future
Provide 45,000 internal and external users―including employees and gas and electricity partner organizations―with secure application access
Reduce the number of helpdesk calls and costs associated with password and log-in issues
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