GÖRLITZ - Version 3.0 of IDSpecto.AMMGateway.NES now available - Metering connector offers increased added value in contrast to classical ripple control

The module IDSpecto.AMMGateway is a solid component of the smart metering solution from GÖRLITZ and undertakes the management of head end systems. The so-called Metering Connector not only acts as the interface to head end systems such as Echelon NES, but also coordinates the daily communication of metering data from hundreds of thousands residential meters deployed in numerous projects throughout Europe. The bi-directional communication enables both remote meter readings and the management of metering systems from the control station, namely the IDSpecto.AMM.

The latest version of the Echelon NES System focuses on integrated functionality in the areas Demand Response, Ripple Control and Meter Configuration. For instance, the integration of the Demand functionality with the transmission of maxima values is resolved easily and efficiently. The IDSpecto.AMMGateway.NES allows the management of meter display configurations and switching programmes in the smart metering operator’s daily workflow with the primary focus on user-friendly handling. Tariff independent switching programmes to switch meter relays enhances flexibility and provides added value as opposed to the classical ripple control.  Both functions support mass-deployment and are always traceable.

The seamless integration of NES systems from our partner Echelon in our very own Smart Metering System, IDSpecto.AMM is now possible with the module IDSpecto.AMMGateway.NES. The metering system Echelon NES is the leading AMI solution worldwide with over 3.8 million meters in use. The product manager for Smart Metering at GÖRLITZ AG, Olaf Schimpf, is convinced the success story will continue due to the combination of the newest NEW System Software 5.1 and IDSpecto.AMM.
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