Alliander Innovation – Intelligent Home System – Your own utility
To generate yourself all the energy you consume. It sounds beautiful and sustainable. Monitoring is the key to manage your energy-household
Intelligent Home System; more and more people start to produce there energy; with Wind, solar, biogas installations, cogeneration and heating / cooling storage systems. This changes the values in the values in the meter cabinet.
Sometimes the client generates sufficient energy, sometimes he will use energy supplied by the central energy grid. Data about the consumption pass through the meter to the grid provider. The Intelligent Home System will change this information flow and will provide the customers with detailed information about their energy consumption, self-generation and purchase.
Modern Intelligent Home System is like a modem between the meter and the Home computer. Two small boxes in the meter cabinet send every 5 minutes information to the computer to show what happens in your energy household. This is convenient for consumers, but also for companies. Simple measurement to compare how much energy is in store A, B and C is generated and consumed. In the future innovative apps will help to transform these data into useful energy saving tips. For instance use your washing machine when the sun is shining. In this way the generated energy will be used effectively. The Intelligent Home System will store the measured data 20 years.
Cooperatives also (future) energy cooperatives will benefit from the Intelligent Home System. They will group people who would like to generate energy together, for instance via a common solar meadow.
The Intelligent Home System shows real time consumption. For the cooperative meter readings and billing the, customers do not need their grid-operator or their energy-retailer.
With the Intelligent Home System, customers can run their own utility. Liander facilitates these initiatives to support the society towards sustainable energy.
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