Alliander, KPN and Entropia will roll-out a dedicated mobile telecommunication network for Smart Energy Grids
Network provider Alliander will collaborate with KPN and Entropia Digital in the design of a dedicated  mobile telecommunication network for a smart energy networks.
On February the first Alliander has signed  an agreement with telecommunications and ICT company KPN who is also the provider of the corporate telecommunication network Entropia Digital.
Alliander will use this infrastructure to manage and control its energy grids. KPN will provided specific design and technical management services for this telecommunication network. Entropia Digital will roll-out its nationwide TETRA network on this communication infrastructure, will be co-user of the  and will take care of the technical management and maintenance.
In the coming years Alliander expects to roll-out more intelligent energy grids. These networks, equipped with sensors, are able to monitor more accurate energy flows and to controll them remotely. The data communication traffic needed is intensive and therefore important. Wireless telecommunication plays a major role. Through the cooperation with KPN and Entropia Digital, Alliander will get more control over the data communication to manage in a more secure and accurate way, vital electricity and gas infrastructures.
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