Energimidt - The merger between ELRO and EnergiMidt is a reality
Denmark's fourth largest energy company is a reality, now the relevant authorities have approved ELROs merger with EnergiMidt. It opens up new opportunities for the customer supply in the area of Randers.
ELRO and EnergiMidt together in one company offers may new opportunities in near future. After the decision of the Representative counsels in ELRO and EnergiMidt, end of 2012, we have worked intensively to prepare this successful merger. Wednesday, 30 January the regulation authority as given the final commitment and thus is the final element in the merger is achieved. “We are confident that our enhanced energy company, even more so than in the past, can help to support the development both locally and in the region, and that the new company also will provide the basis for an economical boost”, says Mads Miltersen, director of EnergiMidt, who is together with ELROs CEO Chris Dahlerup, the driving force in the merger process.
Optimum utilization of synergies
The merger means that ELRO become an integral part of EnergiMidt. All employees of ELRO, covered by sales to EnergiMidt will continue their activities and keep their customer relationship. Network tariffs and subscription price in ELROs area,will be adapted to EnergiMidt’s. For an ordinary household this will mean a smal annual saving. “There are many similarities between the two companies; organisational, system and last but not least culture. This supported us to finalise successfully this merger, both for employees and customers, who we will supply with power just as usual” declared Chris Dahlerup.
New opportunities - more benefits
The approval also means that EnergiMidt immediately started campaign activities in the Randers area, so customers of ELRO can apply for the same benefits as the rest of the EnergiMidt customers. This means potential savings of various electrical products and the offer for the installation of fiber broadband. And this fiber is high on the wish list many of the former ELRO customers. “We are already working on campaigns for the roll-out of fiber in Læsten, Sønderbæk and Baltic Bjerregrav, as part of a new activity plan throughout the market area”, says Mads Miltersen.
Continued lots of activity in Randers
In future a number of EnergiMidt activities will be based in the former ELRO headquarters in Randers. Such as; electricity trading and different areas of renewable energy will provide lively activity in the beautiful building. The final distribution of employees is not yet in place, but it is certain that employees will move from Randers to Silkeborg - and the other way.
Future energy company
The "new" energy and communications company has big ambitions to be an active player in several markets: “We are now the country's fourth largest energy company in terms of sales with a homogeneous and strong coverage in Jutland. Our markets are not just local. They are also national and to a certain extent, international. The merger gives us the right strategic foundation for future growth”, says Mads Miltersen.
Facts about EnergiMidt:
  • EnergiMidt after the merger with ELRO Denmark's fourth largest energy company
  • EnergiMidt based in Silkeborg and an annual turnover of over 3 billion DK
  • EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company with 230.000 customers, representing approximately. 460.000 inhabitants, in a 7.500 km2 area of the Limfjord in the north of Jutland to Jelling in south
  • EnergiMidt dealing also with heating, electrical, electricity trading, sales of heat pumps and solar panels and energy advice, national, and international.
  • EnergiMidt currently employs 785 employees.
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