Ferranti - Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM and MECOMS 2012 2.0
Selecting a vendor for a new MDM system is a complex decision, especially today, with smart metering and big data becoming a very real challenge for many utilities.
To aid the selection process, Gartner released an update of its Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management products. In this report, Gartner compares the top 13 MDM vendors on their vision and ability to execute. Ferranti is proud to report that its MECOMS™ solution moved up on both criteria, compared to last year‘s report. According to Gartner, no leading MDM vendor has emerged yet, but the MDM market is rapidly maturing.
While Ferranti gladly participates in such comparisons, we believe that the decision for a new MDM system cannot be simplified into a two-dimensional diagram. First and foremost, price and Total Cost of Ownership are not included in the Magic Quadrant, despite their obvious importance. Moreover, localization and local implementation capabilities differ greatly, depending on vendor and geography. And finally, MDM systems are not a one-size-fits-all: depending on the strategy and current application landscape, different solutions might be the right choice for different utilities.
The value proposition of our MECOMS™ MDM product is clear: a future-proof system that grows with your organization and will always cover your meter data management needs.
What do we mean with this? Firstly, MECOMS™ MDM is designed to be a modular end-to-end solution. You can start with limited functionality (say, smart meter reading) and later expand the system with other modules, and possibly evolve it into a full MDM + CIS + EAM system. Secondly, MECOMS™ will handle any amount of data, and supports complex scenarios out-of-the-box. Whether you‘re a niche B2B energy supplier or a large-scale public utility with millions of residential customers: MECOMS™ MDM will do the job. Thirdly, MECOMS™ MDM will gracefully handle the transitionary period from manual and automatic meter reading to full smart metering. No matter how many meter reading methods, smart meter brands and communication protocols you throw at it, MECOMS™ MDM will produce reliable consumptions and keep control of your smart meter park.
Ferranti has invested heavily to make MECOMS™ a first-class MDM system, ready to take on the challenges of smart metering and big data. To deal with big data, MECOMS™ 2012 2.0 (to be released in april 2013) has a completely redesigned architecture, using Microsoft‘s latest database technologies. The new release will offer cutting-edge "Smart MDM" features, including support for massive smart meter roll-outs, command and event handling, and much more.
We won‘t claim that MECOMS™ is the right MDM system for every utility. But we are certain that our value proposition will appeal to many utilities. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more.
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