GÖRLITZ - Complexity of Smart Metering processes resolved

The E-world showcase of COUNT+CARE and GÖRLITZ demonstrated mass deployment and clarity.

While the branch is still waiting for the results of the cost-benefit-analysis from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) for the installation of intelligent meters COUNT+CARE and GÖRLITZ could score with a detailed solution scenario at the E-world. The jointly developed platform to display market-specific procedures met avid interest among the trade fair attendees. The system, aimed initially at the automation of processes for metering point operations and services, was especially impressive with a clear interface and the effective mapping of potential disturbances in the grid. "Visitors were amazed about the option to quickly and easily detect erroneous process steps during metering point operation - and this despite the enormous data volumes, generated during the roll out of modern metering systems", Dirk Papalau, project director Smart Meter at COUNT+CARE GmbH summarises the feedback on the E-world. With the intuitive dashboard, the user can always keep a close eye on key data of the individual elements in the grid and in the event of error can detect the problem with a few clicks. The software IDSpecto SmartMDM does not face any restrictions in terms of meter hardware; this is a further important asset. Gain an insight to the system and the functionality of the dashboard, workflows and data points.

"The openness towards different meter types has been assessed positively, without exception", reported Robert Rohde, Division Manager Product Marketing at GÖRLITZ AG. Currently, over 380 drivers exist for different meter types; due to generic programming, there is no limitation for embedding additional drivers. More-over, the modular platform COMfor is available for special solutions, in which among others, the metering system type E350 from Landis&Gyr has been integrated. "This allows our customers to freely select the individual components for operation." states Mr Rohde. Along with the heterogeneity of the hardware, the processing of mass data does not cause any problems; this has impressively been demonstrated through relevant experiences in other countries. In Denmark's largest smart metering project for instance, the GÖRLITZ software fully automatically processes data of 400,000 online connected "intelligent" residential meters.
The experience of GÖRLITZ AG regarding mass data processing and detailed expertise of the specific processes in the German market on the side of COUNT+CARE GmbH obviously received recognition by interested parties at the E-world. Attention is now focused on the results of the cost-benefit-analysis of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology expected in April. The study carried out by the consulting agency Ernst&Young is to provide information if and for which additional case groups the installation of an intelligent meter shall be pre-defined. Independently from the concrete outcome, the results will sustainably affect the German energy industry and processes of all market participants.
Positive signal in the market
The market participant (VNB) Rhein-Main-Neckar GmbH which is intensely preparing the expected profound changes is the distribution system operator: "Our grid area currently comprises 460,000 metering points; whereby 2,500 are part of RLM (registered power measurement) procedure. With a statutory expansion of smart meter activities with a threshold value of 6,000 kWh, this affects about 50,000 to 60,000 metering points annually and with 4,000 kWh approx. 220,000 metering points annually. We are now awaiting further developments and upcoming regulations. The sound knowledge and extensive experience of COUNT+CARE and GÖRLITZ will be very useful to cope with the challenges. We are sure that our cooperation of today is the basis for tomorrow’s successful changeover," said Dipl. Ing. Sven Hanemann, responsible for metering systems at the distribution system operator (VNB) Rhein-Main-Neckar.
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