Fortum - Consumers choose Fortum as the best energy company in the Urals and West Siberia

Fortum’s subsidiary OAO Fortum operating in Russia was awarded the grand prize in two different categories in the annual Golden Kilowatt competition. The awards for this competition, which primarily targets energy companies in the Urals and West Siberia, were presented in Yekaterinburg on 18 February 2013. 

Fortum won in the main ”Public Recognition” category, which looked for a company that generates the most value for the community in its region. The winner of this category was chosen by area residents through a vote of their preferred energy company. Placing second in this category was Tyumen Energo. The winners of the other categories were selected by a panel of experts. Additionally, OAO Fortum was chosen as the energy company with the best press office.

This year’s competition had more than 50 energy companies competing in 12 categories for the titles of e.g. the best network, best production and best sales companies, project of the year and the most energy-efficient company.  The Golden Kilowatt is the first competition to recognise energy industry achievements in Russia. The competition is arranged by Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Urals Federal District.

"Winning the Golden Kilowatt award is a direct indication of the trust the residents in the Urals and West Siberia have in Fortum’s operations. Fortum aims to produce value for society through responsible activities, and, in fact, we have succeeded in e.g. improving the reliability of power and heat distribution in the challenging geographical environment and climate of the Urals and West Siberia. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our strategy; with the improvements we have implemented, we aim to support social development, which is part of our social responsibility," says Denis Litoshik, PR and Communications Director, OAO Fortum. 
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