Alliander - Open Smart Grid Platform
Alliander, as utility, has the objective to make transition possible towards an affordable, durable , reliable and secure energy supply.  In that framework one of the application fields Alliander is focusing on is the sustainable development of the Public Area .

Maximum influence from the Market
Therefore Alliander offers an ?Open Smart Grid Platform?, which ensures various objects in public area can be monitored in a simple way and can be controlled by any application and  any communication infrastructure possible. In this way Alliander wants to support the influence from the Market.

Flexible control of Public Lighting
Municipalities and Provinces are now able to switch or dim their public lighting supplier independent. Alliander actively supports these organisations in the transition towards flexible control systems for public lighting .

Pilots in Amsterdam, Leiden and Zaltbommel
In the spring of 2013 Alliander started with pilots in the municipalities of Amsterdam , Leiden and Zaltbommel to gain experience in the flexible control of public lighting. The pilot in Amsterdam (in Osdorp, a part of the district New West) is part of the Amsterdam Smart City Project , a collaboration  between companies, governments and the City of Amsterdam with the objective to increase the sustainability in the city. In each of these 3 pilots 50 so-called ?smart? light-poles are installed, to control and to monitor the flexible public lighting.

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