FORTUM - Sustainable Urban Living
Tomorrow’s energy system, Solar Economy, means a low environmental burden, and flexible and efficient energy distribution and use. Modern society depends on energy to function but where do we find all this energy to bring a better life for the many.
The energy system of the future is all about flexibility and efficiency. Energy will be produced in places with the best conditions and it will be transmitted to where it is needed, and stored and saved for us to use when we need to.
The system will be able to connect supply and demand in a whole new way. It will sense where energy is needed, and use the best source available to fill the need. Also, in the same way that energy production now adjusts to demand, in the future, demand will adjust to supply. For example, the system will be clever enough to tell you, in real time, when to use energy at the lowest cost. This will enable a truly sustainable energy system especially for urban living.
Fortum is striving towards these systems; new smart grids are tried out and the fuel distribution network for electric vehicles is expanding.
The smart societies of tomorrow need consistent energy policy-making, technology development, and commercially viable solutions, and last but not least, collaboration between many sectors, for example energy, IT, transportation, and construction.
Benefits and Challenges
  • More efficient and integrated energy systems.
  • A cleaner transportation sector.
  • An increased amount of small scale local energy production.
  • Less emissions of green house gases.
  • Need for technology development.
  • Need for new market rules.
Top projects
  • Smart Grids
    Fortum is heading the project and will test a system containing active houses where the residents will be able to take control of their consumption through smart displays.

  • Electric car
    Fortum offers a charging concept for electric cars that provides charging services of electric vehicles for companies and municipalities
  • Flexible energy
    The project is located in in Sweden in the area Stockholm Royal Seaport and aims to make use of all available renewable energy
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