GÖRLITZ - Large data volumes reliably processed – GÖRLITZ SmartMDM with SEAS-NVE

In one of the most important European smart metering projects, the Danish energy supplier SEAS-NVE has adapted its infrastructure to smart meters. GÖRLITZ, an expert for automated solutions in the field of energy measurement, has taken on the task to reliably read and process metered values, providing them for all relevant systems.

This ambitious project, which started in 2009, makes SEAS-NVE a forerunner for smart meter rollout. Finishing the project by end of 2012, 400,000 smart meters were installed. Presently, they are daily requested by the SmartMDM IDSpecto from GÖRLITZ with a reliability of over 99.7%. Consequently, enormous data volumes occur, presenting new challenges for both systems involved and users concerned. Not only retrieval, processing and storage of such enormous data volumes must be taken into account but also processes and automation of procedures had to be reconsidered from this point of view.

During implementation of this project as well as lots of other projects, experiences of the Koblenz based company clearly show: conditions of a real operation can only be simulated to a limited extent. Successful mass data processing is inextricably linked with a company-wide process integration, automation and system workflows. This is the only way to guarantee secure data integration in daily processes and ensure data consistency between the systems. These modified procedures result in increased process efficiency and added values providing future-oriented services which will amortise investment in such a project.
"We are pleased that we are able to process and store almost two million audit-proof load profile data per day", summarises Ralf Hoffmann, CEO of GÖRLITZ AG. "But what really makes us proud, is a daily repeated seamless procedure of automated processes." enthusiastically explains Peter Iversen, CTO at SEAS-NVE. “We have replaced all our meters, the system has been installed and embedded, and we can still provide an invoice for all customers.”
For GÖRLITZ, this project signifies more than just ‘performance achieved’. Moreover, it is a crucial basis of experience for implementing future smart meter projects all over Europe. The know-how gained in this project will consequently influence the further development of IDSpecto SmartMDM. This ensures that system capacity is strictly consistent with real conditions and requirements.
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