GÖRLITZ extends functionality of IDSpecto.scadalink
GÖRLITZ AG, with its headquarter in Koblenz, has extended the scope of supply and services of the SmartMDM System IDSpecto eminently. With the extension IDSpecto.scadalink, the grid operator can make use of numerous further meters, which for example permit the management of renewable energy plants according to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG plants). Consequently, the grid operator can profit from an efficient solution which already today considers the requirements of tomorrow.
As a part of the Smart Meter Data Management (SmartMDM) System IDSpecto, the module IDSpecto.scadalink supports grid operators in providing a stable and reliable grid. Integrating relevant field technology enables the regulation and management of EEG-plants, switching of decentralised users and recording of load situations. The functional extension of IDSpecto.scadalink by the IDSpecto.AMMGateway.NES, in addition, allows the communication with meters directly connected to the Echelon-NES-System. These may be all meters which are compatible with an Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) or meters using specific components such as modules to create load profiles. The increase in product diversity permits to offer exactly the right meters for different applications.
The grid operator mainly benefits from IDSpecto.scadalink with IDSpecto.AMMGateway.NES because numerous additional EEG plants can be controlled, when a grid bottleneck occurs.. Similar to industrial meters, IDSpecto.scadalink acts as a remote terminal unit, accepting switching commands from the control system and passing them to the meters in the field. The switching procedure is acknowledged there and returned to the control system. With only one single device for switching and measuring, in some scenarios, ripple control technology can be dispensed.
Beside the management of EEG plants, further use cases such as switching decentralised customers are possible as well as regulating combined heat and power stations or public street lighting. Furthermore, metered and audit-proof archived values can be useful in grid planning processes, especially when considering a grid expansion.
Taking into account the Cost-Benefit-Analysis (CBA) published by the BMWi in July 2013, the recommendation to rollout smart metering systems and meters as well as the trend to decentralised energy production, the following can be summarised: with IDSpecto.scadalink, the grid operator can already today prepare for the requirements of tomorrow. Hereby, addressing the end-consumer market, the grid operator receives a variety of adapted functions for the customers whilst remaining consistent in its optimal cost/benefit ratio.
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