Energimidt is Europe's third best large company to work for
In Dublin at the final competition for the best best workplace the energy company situated in the middle of Jutland  won the third place, a strong sign of appreciation regarding its work on employee satisfaction.
The election was conducted by research company " Great Place to Work " , who chose the best among 2.119 European companies.
In November 2012, Energimidt was awared as Denmark's second best large workplace in terms of employee satisfaction. The result was a reward for the many years of dedicated work to improve employee satisfaction and well-being in daily life and since last year's the former space 16  was replaced by a current 3th place in the European study.
The list of Europe's Best Workplaces is based on national surveys in 19 European countries , and in 2013, 2.119 companies participated in the survey . 589.256 employees have completed a comprehensive questionnaire about their workplace. Danish companies are doing well in the survey and especially among the large companies, the country is well represented with two companies in the top ten - with Tivoli at place eighth and Energimidt at number three.
Work on employee welfare works
Place in the top of the leaderboard is not an end in itself , but must be seen more as an acknowledgment that welfare work work, explains CEO Holger Blok:
"We have the last 6-7 years focused employee satisfaction in Energimidt. It is important for us to ensure high satisfaction and to have employees who look forward to reporting to work , because we know that well-being and job satisfaction are important elements in creating a successful business. We consider " Great Place to Work " as a partner, providing some measurement tools available to us. So we can compare with last year's results and see whether we have evolved in areas where we have made an extra effort. The aim is to constantly improve well-being and when it works, it good placement will follow automatically".
A comprehensive cooperation
Cooperation with " Great Place to Work " includes preparation of a detailed cultural profile , which the company describes the policies , attitudes and routines in a variety of areas . In addition, a comprehensive questionnaire , which consists of a number of standard questions and issues targeted Energimidt. Cultural profile and questionnaire forms as the basis for the location among the country - and in EnergiM cases also Europe's - best jobs. One reason for the high rankings is likely that in Energimidt have taken welfare work a step further. HR manager Ole Holm says:
"We also use the well-being measurements for the development of the management team of the organization. When the results of the measurements available for meetings in departments where managers and employees jointly discuss possible areas. We are not afraid to expose us and the acid test year's work - and we get the cash settlement through the study. It does not get more honest than that and sends a clear signal that the leaders dare to use the results as a basis for dialogue with the employees".
An investment in the future
In Energimidt the well-being of the work is also seen as a signal to the world that you want to stand strong in the battle for the most skilled workers. The demand for employees with the right skills is quite high, so it is important to offer something extra, such as good management and a good working environment .
"The generated " social capital " is a real worth fully active for Energimidt. We will be among the best jobs and for us it's about having an ambitious and challenging but realistic targets to go after, because we must never forget our obligations to our employees. We must continue to do what works well and to develop us in areas where we can improve",
says Ole Holm, who right now are busy preparing for this year's satisfaction survey , which takes place in early September.
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