Accenture-ORACLE - An Electric Perspective - Solutions Overview
Accenture and Oracle deliver integrated technology, resources, and processes to support your company’s transformation to an information- driven, conservation-conscious, customer-centric smart utility.
Improving the utility operating model is a global challenge
Utilities are at the center of an increasingly energy-aware world. As governments, citizens, and customers pay more attention to the costs, availability and environmental impact of electricity, utility companies face increased scrutiny and new challenges.
Utilities today must provide a reliable and efficient infrastructure by upgrading aging equipment and closely managing capital assets. Data from new meters must be collected and analyzed. Grid security must be maintained to protect the infrastructure and the energy supply. These operational challenges are impacted by increases in distributed generation to the grid, such as solar- and wind-generated electricity—and the potential widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Utilities must plan for multiple energy-generation scenarios with these game-changing technologies.
In addition, regulations and social mandates are further impacting day-to- day operations. Utilities must minimize their environmental impact while adhering to standards and requirements. Government agencies are increasing oversight of electricity generation— especially coal-fueled plants. Regulators in many countries require action on smart grid and smart metering initiatives that add intelligence to the infrastructure. All this must be accomplished in a challenging economic climate with strict budgetary restraints, slimmer margins and increased pressure for revenue.
This increased attention and the demand for change provides utilities with a unique opportunity to rethink and transform their businesses. This is what becoming a smart utility is all about.
The promise of the “smart utility”
The promise of the smart utility is in its ability to enable a future energy economy characterized by smarter energy choices—by the utility as well as its customers.
While the definitions for smart utility vary from company to company, they also have many characteristics in common. At its foundation is the smart meter that records and sends data on consumption, voltage levels, outages and alarms to the utility for monitoring and billing. The smart grid encompasses customer technologies, field operational technologies and smart metering. It also includes the back-office applications and integration technologies required to manage, analyze, and route increased amounts of real-time meter, sensor, and control data. A smart utility is ultimately characterized by distributed intelligence, adaptive self-healing, and multi-way communications across the entire energy delivery chain.
With the advent of smart meters and smart grids is the notion of the smart customer. Smart customers want to engage with utilities via smart devices and portals; they want to adjust their energy use based on real-time data. To meet these expectations, utilities must encourage conservation by providing accurate usage data delivered via convenient channels. Utilities also need to provide more information on outages, accelerate service order response, enable environmental choice, and improve customer-side operations and billing accuracy.
Supporting smart utilities with a joint Accenture and Oracle solution
The smart utility offering from Accenture and Oracle covers key operational processes and functions for utilities with solutions that encompass smart meters, smart grids, and smart customers. This partnership combines Oracle’s applications, technology, and hardware with Accenture’s value-added services, best-practice processes, and intellectual assets.
  • The right expertise
    Oracle’s track record in utilities spans 30 years, includes hundreds of industry experts, and encompasses more than 2,600 utility customers globally. Accenture has managed utility change transformation for 30 years, and has 10,000 people supporting utility clients around the world. In addition Accenture has over 200 consultants across the globe who focus on delivering Oracle utility industry solutions. Accenture and Oracle know the benefits of customer information systems, meter data management, and smart meter and grid infrastructure. This knowledge and experience means that Accenture and Oracle not only understand the challenges facing the utilities industry, but can also address them in the quickest, most effective manner.
  • The right team
    Accenture and Oracle have worked together on hundreds of utility projects at companies in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Accenture brings process, technology and people with deep industry experience to support a utility’s transformation. Oracle provides complete, open and integrated applications, technology and hardware. These time- and cost-saving ntegrated applications are bundled with industry insights to provide an approach focused on achieving the lowest possible risk and greatest opportunity for success. With an unparalleled track record of successful smart utility projects, the Accenture and Oracle team is the logical choice for a fast-track approach to smart grid and smart metering success. 
  • The right technology
    Oracle’s smart grid solutions around outage and distribution management, along with its smart metering solutions to manage meter data, provide utilities with the end-to-end applications needed for the rollout of a smart grid implementation. These solutions, coupled with Oracle’s customer care and billing products, support smart customers by enabling more efficient, effective ways to access information and interact with utilities. This critical foundation of data management and open standards integration, security and monitoring software strengthens the smart utility. Combined with Accenture’s adaptive industry-specific business process acceleration and rapid implementation services, this technology provides lower total cost of ownership, reduced deployment risk, and increased scalability, availability and serviceability.
  • The right approach
    Accenture and Oracle enable utilities to leverage existing IT investments. Clients can begin with one best-of-breed solution and integrate it to existing applications. Or they can implement several pre-integrated applications with out-of-the-box, cross-departmental business processes. Accenture’s implementation teams provide consulting, blueprinting, program management and solution delivery services—all based on frameworks for accelerating smart grid implementations while reducing deployment risks. Together, Accenture and Oracle have the experience, resources and knowledge to help the world’s most forward-thinking utilities transform themselves by focusing on actionable information, energy efficiency and customers.
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